How to enter Service Mode, SMPS and deflection schematic - Grundig CUC 2103 - Davio, Lissabon and Xentia models CRT TVs

Service Menu (Service Mode)
Call up the Service Menu with button "i" via "DIALOG CENTER" > "SERVICE" > Service Code .
Having entered the code number "8500" the dealer can change the following settings under menu guide:
* OSD horizontal
* OSD vertical
* Hotel
* NTSC 3,6 (Optional)
After any repair or replacement of NVM (IC82501) check whether the NTSC 3.58MHz quartz is fitted. If it is not, the dialog line "NTSC 3.6" in the Service Menu must be set to "off".
Button "i" > "OK" > SERVICE > "OK" > SERVICE Code "8500" > NTSC 3.6 "off" and in dialog line "End" store the setting "with mem.".
Keep the "Sub. Contrast" setting unchanged (factory setting)
Activating and deactivating the Hotel Mode
Call up the dialog line "Hotel" with button "i" via "DIALOG CENTER" > "SERVICE" > Service Code "8500".
With activated "Hotel Mode"
* it is no longer possible to call up the "DIALOG CENTER" menu with button "i".
* the last volume setting is stored as the maximum level possible.
Depress and hold button "i" on the remote control handset while switching the TV set on with the mains switch. 
Under the "SERVICE" menu switch the Hotel Mode off.
Deactivating the Protection Circuit
* Horizontal and vertical protection circuit:
connect the basis and emitter at CT50055.
* Horizontal protection circuit:
connect the basis and emitter at CT57113.
* Vertical protection circuit: to short out C50052.
Attention: When the repair is completed, it is absolutely necessary to activate the overload protection circuits.
Cancelling the Parental Lock Continuously
To cancel the parental lock enter the number 7038
Click on the schematics to zoom in
CRT Base card schematic
Audio output schematic
Deflection stage schematic
Processor stage schematic
SMPS schematic
Special Functions in the Dialog Center
Switching on with the last viewed program.
The channel position which has been selected when switching off is recovered when switching on again (last station memory).
Picture/Sound Options On or Off for all Programs.
Reach the "Pict./sound opt." menu via "DIALOG CENTER" > "SPECIAL FUNCTIONS" by pressing button "i". When selecting "off" the scales indicating the analog values do not appear.
Automatic Volume Control (option)
Reach the "Volume Limiter" dialog via "DIALOG CENTER" > "SPECIAL FUNCTIONS" by pressing button "i". The volume of stations with large deviation is adjusted to normal deviation when selecting "on".
Decoder Settings for Individual Program Positions
By pressing button "i" call up the "Decoder Pxx" dialog via "DIALOG CENTER" > "SPECIAL FUNCTIONS". With the < / > buttons it is possible to set an analog or digital decoder to be switched over internally or externally on a per-program basis for scrambled stations.
Forced Chroma Switching
Call up the dialog line "Color" via "DIALOG CENTER" > "SERVICE" with button "i". With the buttons < / > it is possible to force the automatic chroma standard switching function into "PAL","SECAM" or "NTSC" on a per-program basis under poor reception conditions.