How to enter service mode – Thomson DTH8040 DVD player – factory reset – SMPS (Transistorized) circuit diagram

Power supply board schematic, Initialization (Factory Reset) – Thomson DTH8040E, Thomson DTH8040U- DVD players
Service mode
> Connect the recorder to the mains supply and a monitor television using SCART lead.
> Switch ON the recorder and then press the Menu key on the remote control unit.
The recorders Main Menu will be displayed n the screen of the TV.
> Simultaneously press the Play and the Record keys on the front panel; and keep it depressed until the Service Menu is displayed on the screen of the TV.
Service mode screen
To re-initialize (Factory Setting)
* Switch ON the recorder and wait until the Menu is displayed at the front panel display.
* Simultaneously press the Stop and Standby/ON keys on the front panel, until the display changes to read INIT and then release the keys.
* When the recorder has been re-initialized, the display will flash INT OK for a split second.
Now all the previous setting will be reset to the original factory setting.
SMPS (Power supply unit circuit diagram) and PWB
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