Sharp LC-32LE140E LCD TV – 17MB62 chassis – Troubleshooting - Service mode - Software update

LC-32LE140E, LC-32LE140EV, LC-32LE140EK, LC-32LE140RU

A horizontal mounted and Digital Half-Nim tuner is used in the product, which covers 3 Bands(From 48MHz to 862MHz for COFDM, from 45.25MHz to 863.25MHz for CCIR CH).
The tuning is available through the digitally controlled I2C bus (PLL). Below you will find info about the tuner.
In active antenna option, the following circuit are used. ANT_CTRL pin is controlled by microcontroller. If ANT_CTRL is low, ANT_PWR will be low. If ANT_CTRL is high, ANT_PWR will be high.  OVER_CUR_DETECT pin is a monitor for short circuit in antenna. OVER_CUR_DETECT is low, ANT_CTRL will be low, so ANT_PWR will be low. Finally, short circuit protection is done by circuits and micro-controller.
General description of Sony RE216
The SUT-RE216 is designed for terrestrial TV (digital & analog) and digital cable reception. It includes a full band tuner and a channel filtering for digital signals. It provides a low IF output after channel filtering to drive a channel demodulator. Tuning, band switching and initialization are made via an I2C bus interface. The module is built on a low-loss printed circuit board carrying all the components in a metal housing frame with top and rear covers. The single aerial connector is mounted on one frame side and all  other connections are made via pins at the bottom.
In order to reach service menu, frst press “ MENU ”, then press the remote control code 2 times, which is 4725.
In MB62 project there is only one software. From following steps software update procedure can be seen
1. MB62 en. bin, mboot.bin and usb_auto_update_mb62.txt documents should copy directly inside of flash memory ( not in a folder)
2. Put flash memory to the TV when TV is powered off.
3. Power on the TV by main switch and press OK in remote control continuously during 3 -4 seconds. Then led will start blinking (red / green) quickly.
4. If First Time installation screen comes; it means software update procedure is successful.
17MB62 uses two 2,5W Class D Mono Audio Amplifers for from 16” to 24” TVs.
AZAD2102B is a 2.9 Watts (max. can offer 3.0 Watts @ Load = 3Ω,THD=10%,AVdd=DVdd=5.5Volt)with high efficiency filter-free class-D audio power amplifier in a 1613 mm x 1613 mm wafer chip scale package (WCSP). AZAD2102B uses Current switch technology to achieve high performance class-d amplifier that features 0.03% THD, 85% efficiency, –70 dB PSRR, to improve RF-rectification immunity.
AZAD2102B provide a Vibration-Spectrum modulation clock for PWM Output. This vibration frequency is around 10KHZ shift (+/- 5KHZ of Fpwm).
The advantage of the small size package (WCSP) makes AZAD2102B very suitable for mobile phone and PDA device application. And the Class-D amplifier structure let AZAD2102B to have highly efficiency power consumption than Class-AB amplifier.  AZAD2102B can shrink the application board, reduce system cost, and external components.
ESD level protection I/O embedded in AZAD2102B. For general applications, doesn’t need to add extra ESD protection device (like Varistors) in application system for AZAD2102B’s I/O.
 CMOS Technology
 High Efficiency 85%
 High PSRR 70dB at 217Hz
 Differential OP-amp Input
 AZAD2102B provides Vibration-Spectrum Modulation clock for reduce EMI
 Provide Mute function(set Mute_B to GND will go into Mute status)
 For the input stage AZAD2102B built-in a 10Kohm resistors (Gain setting=29.5dB)
 Maximum Battery Life and Minimum Heat
 Efficiency With an 8-Ω Speaker
 3.5 mA Quiescent Current
Output Power at 10% THD
 2.85Watts at AVdd=DVdd=5.0Volt, Rload=4Ω
 1.45Watts at AVdd=DVdd=3.6Volt, Rload=4Ω
 0.30Watts at AVdd=DVdd=3.0Volt, Rload=4Ω
 1.75Watts at AVdd=DVdd=5.5Volt, Rload=8Ω
 0.87Watts at AVdd=DVdd=3.6Volt, Rload=8Ω
 0.41Watts at AVdd=DVdd=3.0Volt, Rload=8Ω
 Eliminate Power on and Power-off “Pop” noise
 A Fewer External Components
 Optimized PWM Output Stage Eliminates LC Output Filter
 Internally generate 290 kHz Switching Frequency to eliminate Capacitor and Resistor
 Improve PSRR (–70 dB) and Wide Supply Voltage (3.0 V to 5.5 V)
 Fully Differential Design Reduces RF Rectification
 This chip has been built-in a very strong ESD protection.
 System level ESD 4KV (IEC 61000-4-2 ESD Contact Level)
 Wafer Chip Scale Package (WCSP)
 TSSOP Package with Exposed Pad
Audio amplifier stage with TPA3113(U168)
17MB62 uses a 6W Class D Mono Audio Amplifers for from 26” to 32” TVs. The TPA3113D2 is a 6-W (per channel) efficient, Class-D audio power amplifier for driving bridged-tied stereo speakers. Advanced EMI Suppression Technology enables the use of inexpensive ferrite bead filters at the outputs while meeting EMC requirements.  SpeakerGuard™ speaker protection circuitry includes an adjustable power limiter and a DC detection circuit. The adjustable power limiter allows the user to set a "virtual" voltage rail lower than the chip supply to limit the amount of current through the speaker. The DC detect circuit measures the frequency and amplitude of the PWM signal and shuts off the output stage if the input capacitors are damaged or shorts exist on the inputs.  The TPA3113D2 can drive stereo speakers as low as 4 Ω. The high efficiency of the TPA3113D2, 87%, eliminates the need for an external heat sink when playing music.  The outputs are also fully protected against shorts to GND, VCC, and output-to-output.
The short-circuit protection and thermal protection includes an auto-recovery feature.
 6-W/ch into an 8-Ω Loads at 10% THD+N From a 10-V Supply
 12-W into a 4-Ω Mono Load at 10% THD+N From a 10-V Supply
 87% Efficient Class-D Operation Eliminates Need for Heat Sinks
 Wide Supply Voltage Range Allows Operation from 8 V to 26 V
 Filter-Free Operation
 SpeakerGuard™ Speaker Protection Includes Adjustable Power Limiter plus DC Protection
 Flow Through Pin Out Facilitates Easy Board Layout
 Robust Pin-to-Pin Short Circuit Protection and Thermal Protection with Auto Recovery Option
 Excellent THD+N / Pop-Free Performance
 Four Selectable, Fixed Gain Settings
 Differential inputs
The DC voltages required at various parts of the chassis and panel are provided by a main power supply unit. MB62 chassis can operate with IPS60, IPS16, IPS17, PW26, PW27 as main power supply and also with 12V adaptor.  CN706 is used for IPS60, IPS16 and IPS17 and CN1 is used for PW26 and PW27 JK9 is used for the adapter option and also CN75 inverter socket or DB32 chassis with CN709 is used to supply backlight.
The power supplies generate 18,12,5,3.3 and 12,5 volsts standy mode DC voltages.  Power stage which in ON Chassis generates 5,3.3 standby voltes and 12,8,5,3.3,2.5,1.8 and 1.2 volts supplies for other different parts of the chassis.
No Backlight Problem
If TV is working, led is normal and there is no picture and backlight on the panel.  Possible causes: Backlight pin, dimming pin, backlight supply, stby on/off pin Backlight pin should be high in open position. If it is low, please check Q181 and panel cables.
Dimming pin should be high or square wave in open position. If it is low, please check S16 for Mstar side and panel or power cables, connectors.
Back-light power supply should be in panel specs. Check CN705 for MB62, related connectors for power supply cards.
Led Blinking Problem
LED blinking, no other operation
This problem indicates a short on Vcc voltages. Protect pin should be logic high while normal operation. When there is a short circuit protect pin will be logic low. If you detect logic low on protect pin, unplug the TV set and control voltage points with a multimeter to
find the shorted voltage to ground.
No Sound Problem
No audio at main TV speaker outputs.
Check supply voltages of VDD_AUDIO, 5V_VCC and 3V3_VCC with a voltage-meter.  There may be a problem in headphone connector or headphone detect circuit (when headphone is connected, speakers are automatically muted). Measure voltage at HP_DETECT pin, it should be 3.3v.
No Sound Problem at Headphone
Check HP detect pin, when headphone is. Check 5V_VCC and 3V3_VCC with a voltemeter.
Standby On/Off Problem
Device cannot boot, TV hangs in standby mode.
Check HP detect pin, when headphone is connected. Check 5V_VCC and 3V3_VCC with a voltage meter.
Standby On/Off Problem
Device cannot boot, TV hangs in standby mode.
There may be a problem about power supply. Check 12V_VCC, 5V_VCC and 3V3_VCC with ith a voltage-meter. Also there may be a problem about SW. Try to update TV with latest SW.
It is good to check SW printout via hyper terminal [or Teraterm].  These printouts may give a clue about the problem.
No Signal Problem
Check tuner supply voltage; 3V3_TUN. Check tuner options are correctly set in Service menu. Check AGC voltage at IF_AGC pin of tuner.