TCL LE32E1600 – Side-lit LED LCD TV –– SMPS schematic

Power supply regulator board circuit diagram – TCL Side lit type LCD TV - TCL LE32E1600
Product Name: Side light type LCD TV
Product Model: LE32E1600;
Product movement: MST6M182
Remote control: RC06
Universal remote control set-up code to check with TCL brand TVs: 0398
Debugging instructions only for LCD TV movement debugging, commissioning before the need for all parts of the circuit assembly test, so that the Part of the circuit components without error, contact, leakage, leakage welding, when the part of the circuit in line with the circuit schematic and assembly requirements before Start debugging, debugging equipment used in advance must be metering, proofreading, to ensure accuracy, or shall not be used.
Instrument, instrument, operating tool configuration:
A. suitable for 6M182 movement of a LED tooling machine
B. a digital voltmeter
C. AC power supply one
D. factory standard signal cable input system
E. 40MHz dual trace oscilloscope.
Inspection methods
A. the motherboard and the appropriate tooling machine connected to connect the company debugging signal.
B. turn on AC 220V power supply, the machine into standby mode, press the remote control or the control of the boot button, boot into the standard state.
C. Press the remote control "program +" "program -" key to check the program number of the image and audio signals, should have color card, box, vertical Cards, color bars, digital photos, three primary colors and other different types of images and audio signals, requiring no leakage, such as leakage, Fill this signal with automatic search or manual search
D. receive PAL color test card signal, with the remote control volume, balance, contrast, brightness, color, sharpness control, Sound, the picture should be changed
E. TV standard check: receive PAL-D / K standard images and audio signals, in the search can automatically identify the image system and sound system; check the other images and sound system is correct.
F. external terminal input and output check: press the "source" button, the machine installed on the "source" menu, including: TV, AV, COMPONENT, PC, HDMI, USB, oscilloscope should be able to observe the corresponding sound, video input and output signals, tooling machine On the image and sound signal should be normal. Also need to detect whether the AV output signal is normal.
Power supply and LED driver circuit diagram
Products directly with AC power supply, power supply voltage on the TV back cover signs on the instructions. Connect one end of the AC power cord to the TV
The rear terminal tag is inserted into the power port and the other end is connected to the power outlet to complete the power connection. In a lightning or pay when the power supply is powered off, unplug the power plug and the antenna plug. The power cord does not allow any other things to be tipped or wound in the above, do not place the power cord where it may be destroyed.
The display is a precision display device, the screen has a bright spot, dark spots, or red, green, blue and the like a little dead pixels
This is a normal phenomenon, not a bad product. A, the display screen for a long time to display the same still picture, it will leave a TV A blur, this damage is caused by improper use. The TV in the connection of various systems, the system may not match With the phenomenon, especially when connected to the computer, some graphics cards may not match, and the machine only to identify the refresh rate of 60HZ.
SMPS Iinverter part schematic
LED Driver schematic
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As the machine uses an embedded operating system, the software is more complex, may be in the work or standby software problems, such as If the restart can return to normal, it is not a fault.
Case prevention measures, product use and routine maintenance knowledge.
LCD screen material: the LCD screen looks like a solid black screen, in fact, this layer of the screen manufacturers will add a layer of special coating. The main function of this layer of special coating is to prevent the user in the use of other light source reflective and glare, while strengthening the LCD screen itself, the color contrast effect. But because the manufacturers use this layer of plating Membrane materials are not the same, of course, its durability will be different. So the user in the clean, do not:
You can wipe the screen surface with any alkaline solution or chemical solution. LCD panel stains are generally divided into species, one is due For the accumulation of dust in the air, one is the user inadvertently left the fingerprints and oil.
As the LCD panel itself is a complex physical structure design, so when wiping the LCD panel, do not use unknown cleaning solution, but cannot use water and alcohol solution. There are three errors here
1, with a soft cloth (glasses cloth) or paper towels to wipe the LCD screen, it is recommended to use a dedicated LCD wipes do not with glasses cloth and paper towels to wipe the LCD screen, it is easy to scratch the "squeamish" LCD screen. You can use a special LCD wipes such as Supermax2020 in the LCD panel gently wipe, in general, fingerprints and oil
The dirty is not as easy as the former, but it is not a problem if you use a dedicated LCD wiping cloth For the special LCD wipes used in special fibers, with a higher than ordinary high-end glasses cloth wipe the effect of more, and And soft will not scratch the screen, but also has the unique function of dissipating static electricity; special reminder: the general cloth and paper towel is LCD panel killer.
2, with clean water LCD screen. The use of water, liquid easily into the liquid crystal display and equipment inside, so Will cause the device circuit to short-circuit, thus burning expensive electronic equipment. For fingerprints and oil, water is still powerless.
3, with alcohol and some other chemical solvents to clean the LCD screen. In general, alcohol is a commonly used organic solution Agent, can dissolve some dirt is not easy to wipe, if only used to clean the display shell, but also no adverse effects.
But do not use alcohol to clean the LCD screen, because now the LCD screen, are coated with a special coating on the screen, So that the screen has a better display, once the use of alcohol to wipe the monitor screen, it will dissolve this layer of special coating, Display effect adversely affected. With chemical solvents even more undesirable, this chemical on the "arrogant" of the LCD panel Jane Straight is a devastating blow. If your screen is accidentally stained with fruit juice, saliva or coffee is not easy to clean stains, do not use paper towels or glasses cloth and the like to wipe hard, because it is easy to wipe the stains at the same time also Scrape the LCD screen; you can use liquid crystal special wipes such as SupermAX2020 sprayed with no amount of ionized water Supermax2020 slightly moist, and then go to wipe, you cannot only stains without traces of your LCD screen screen.
6, the main technical parameters (including the movement used, screen, power supply specifications)