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Haier 48DR3505 LCD TV – how to enter service mode, adjustments, panel faults - Software update - MSD3393LU Chassis

How to enter into Service Mode
The way to the factory mode menu:
1: Press Menu
2: Input “8893
System will be into the factory mode menu when 2 steps above are done.
At the end of the main factory menu, you can see the edition of the software like this
" BUILD TIME 2014.09.15 23:45:32
   VERSION v1.0 ”.
How to exit
If you want to exit this factory menu, please press the button”Exit” on the remote.
System will be out the factory mode menu.
In factory mode menu, press up/down button to choose the up/down item, press right or OK button to the sub-menu. Press MENU button to go back.
General setting
1) Init Flash;
2) Uart Enable: Choose on or off in Uart Enable;
3) Dbg Message Enable: Choose on or off in Dbg Message Enable;
4) Test Pattern: Choose the Pattern picture;
5) Dynamic Contrast: Choose on or off in Dynamic Contrast;
6) Power On Mode: Choose on or off in Power On Mode;
7) Mirror Control: Choose on or off in Mirror Control;
8) Front End Status
9) Timer Test
10) SSC
11) Erase Flash
12) PQ Advance Debug: Choose on or off in PQ Advance Debug;
13) Factory remote: Open or close the Factory remote;
14) Factory CH Export.
Adjust the Picture Mode, Picture Curve,
White Balance and Over Scan in different source. 
Adjust the values of Sound Mode,
Volume Curve, Audio Output and True Volume in different source.
Panel Setting
1) LVDS Bit Mode: choose the Bit;
2) LVDS MAP: choose the MAP;
3) LVDS ODD/Even: choose ODD or Even;
4) Bcaklight:Adiust the value of backlight;
5) Reset Panel Setting Date
6) 6MX0 LVDS Map: choose the 6MX0 LVDS MAP;
7) 6MX0 Channel: choose the 6MX0 Channel;
8) 6MX0 Mirror: choose the 6MX0 Mirror;
9) 6MX0 Demo: choose the 6MX0 Demo;
10) 6MX0 Update.
MSD3393LU software update
1. Copy the software files to a USB disk on the root directory;
2. Insert the USB disk when the AC power is off;
3. Turn on the AC power in turn to begin;
4. Turn off the AC power until the indicator light fast twinkling;
5. Pull out the USB disk and power on the television.
Note: Do not turn off the TV while it is updating.
1. Mainchip—MSD3393LU(U1)
2. Audio Ampli
er—TPA3110D2PWPR (UA1)
3. Main Flash Memory—GD25Q32BSIG (UF1)
4. DC/DC convertor 5V-1.8V for MSD3393LU (U1)—LC1117CLTRAD (UL2)
5. voltage convertor 5V to 3.3V_STB —LC1117CLTR33 (UL1)
6. voltage convertor 5V to 1.15V_STB —LC3406CB5TR (UD1)
7. voltage convertor 5V to 3V for tuner—LC1117CLTR33 (UT1)
8. Tuner —SDCL1005CR33JTDF (RFT1)
Faults and possible reasons
Vertical bar, Vertal gray line, Vertical color line(light or dark forever)
Block Defect :TCP cracking or cracking
Dim or L/D :TCP Sunken
*TCP lead cracking
*ACF bonding short
*Awful environment and something electric enter into LCD
*Mis-align between TCP and Panel
*Panel failure
*TCP failure.
Horizontal bar, Horizontal gray line, Horizontal line(light or dark forever)
Bright dot dark dot in panel, Bladder in Polarizer, Polarizer Scratch
Abnormal Display, Bright and dark display alternately
1.Chip lose action
2. IC short or joint iog bad
3. Pannel and vsc connect bad
White Screen > B/L normal, only white screen display > Maybe caused by surge current and EDS
Black Screen > B/L normal, only Black screen display > Maybe caused by surge current and EDS
FIIcker > Crosstalk > LCD Vcom imbalance
Abnormal Color > Only color abnormal > Capacitance improper bring cross-talk inside LCD panel. 1.Chip lose action.  2.IC short or junction bad.  3. Panel and vsc connect bad
Mechanical Noise > When turn panel,appear cacophony > Caused by Mechanical noise of back-light unit.
Ripple> Concentric circle > Caused by between mechanism and panel
B/L off > B/L lose action > Connect badness between wire and electrode
B/L dark > B/L brightness darker than normal > Connect badness Short between wire and electrode.
B/L wire damaged, B/L wire open, B/L shut down > Operation abnormal or systemic noise Operation, abnormal or systemic noise, Short between lamp housing and wire, Because consume power too much. 
F/M > F/M in B/L ,white, black Rotundity or wire like > F/M in B/L unit
Light leakage > Brightness at the bottom of the LCM brighter than normal > B/L unit bad.
Mechanical or B/L 
Uniformity > B/L brightness asymmetric > Sheet in B/L unit is uneven
Mount hole > Lack screw or screw damage. 

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