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Samsung UN40EH5000FXZA LED TV Troubleshooting- Disassembly, alignments

Samsung 2012 Full LED (EH series) TV models.
FIRMWARE: 6/4/2012 Version 1012.3
-2012 LED TV X9N Full HD Firmware (T-MX9FAUSC_1012.3)
-“Makes better picture quality and solves sound noise with 'Auto Volume On'.”
Avail on GSPN or
Always check for latest updates
Parts and numbers
Place monitor face down on cushioned table.
Remove 4 screws from the stand.
Remove stand.
Remove the 1 screw of cover jack
Remove cover jack
Disconnect the function Assy. Cable
Remove the screws of rear-cover
Remove the rear cover
Not removing the connector can cause Damage to the PC/Connector.
Start Up Sequence
Main & SMPS boards
Function Control Troubleshooting
Five directional function controls:
Standby A3.3V on Function Connector, Pin 3
All Pins should read 3.3V before commands.
Press, at Key 1, Pin 6. 3.3V to 0.0V DC
Left, Right, Up, Down at Key 2, Pin 7.  Check specific voltages on chart.
Verify Video Operation (2012 Models)
a. Boot Logo models with X10 Micro-Processor & above during power on. 
Boot Sound only (X9MPU) during power on.
b. Customer Picture Test in user menu
c. “Display” (If display and Boot Logo & Customer Picture Test are OK the source or cables are first suspected . Then check for a defective input on the Main Board.)
d. Substitute with known good Source.
(external DVD or Signal Generator to check inputs on Main Board)
Using Test Patterns in Factory Mode
Select an active source signal since Test Pattern may rely on signal source to appear or select TV Source mode.
Customer Remote Service Remote
2. Power Standby 
2. Power On
3. Mute, 182, Power On 
3. Info, Test
4. Select SVC
5. Select Test Patterns.
Check/Set Option Bytes: in Factory Model
(Must be performed after replacing Main Board. )
Standard Remote
1. Power OFF the TV
2. Press MUTE, 1 8 2, then POWER.
Factory remote
1. Power the TV ON
2. Press INFO then FACTORY
Check/Perform latest Firmware Upgrade for all repairs.
Perform reset in Service Mode if Main board is replaced.
Option bytes

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